Friday, February 23, 2018

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We're Looking to Honor the “Coolest Kids” on the Mississippi Gulf Coast! Are you the parent of a really cool kid? Does your child have a special talent or enjoy a unique hobby? Is your little one a great singer, dancer, soccer player, artist, or winner of science fairs? Does your child bake amazing cookies, overcome huge obstacles, or help others in acts of charity? If so, we want to hear about it! Read the Full Story
Summer Trip Planner: Big City Adventure in Atlanta Most families don’t place Atlanta at the top of the list of summer travel destinations, but there’s plenty to do for families looking for something new. Once you and your family have exhausted all the major theme parks within driving distance and spent many a vacation on the beaches of Mississippi, Alabama, or the Florida panhandle, it’s easy to run out of affordable ideas. How about considering an excursion to one of the larger cities in the Southeastern U.S.? Read the Full Story
Nana? Poppa? Who are the Grand People in Your Life? To a child, a grandparent can be one of the most important people in his or her life. Be it for fun and play; knowledge and experience; time and patience; or literally room and board, a grandparent can be a life source for a grandchild. Read the Full Story
Finding the Right Pet for Your Family Dogs are said to be man’s best friends and can also be the perfect companions for young children. There are several proven positive benefits of children having dogs. From encouraging kids to get outside more to teaching lessons in responsibility for other living things, there are many benefits. Read the Full Story
A Grand Family A year after Vicki Radavich’s father died, her mother, Vera, moved into Radavich’s home. Vera had health problems:  type 1 diabetes, heart disease, and vascular dementia, which falls under the Alzheimer’s umbrella.   For Radavich, it was nothing less than an honor to care for her mother.   Read the Full Story
In the Battle of Dogs Versus Couch, Our Lazy Mutts Won I vowed I’d never have another filthy couch. But our dogs--because they know us better than we know ourselves--weren’t fooled. For years, I’d had boring, neutral dark brown couches, perfect for children and pets. Our family dogs would bound up to the cushions when they wanted to sit back and relax. Leo, our two-year-old 50-pound mixed breed would occupy the far end, lazing between sleep and wakefulness while I typed on my laptop or watched TV or read the latest book with dog training advice I surely wouldn’t have the energy nor gumption to follow. Read the Full Story

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