Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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We're Looking to Honor the “Coolest Kids” on the Mississippi Gulf Coast! Are you the parent of a really cool kid? Does your child have a special talent or enjoy a unique hobby? Is your little one a great singer, dancer, soccer player, artist, or winner of science fairs? Does your child bake amazing cookies, overcome huge obstacles, or help others in acts of charity? If so, we want to hear about it! Read the Full Story
Summer Camp Homesickness: It’s Normal! Summertime means freedom from school, with opportunities for new and wonderful experiences! A week or so in a camp with the excitement of canoeing, archery, crafts, and hiking delights the adventuresome spirits of seven-year-olds leaving home for the first time. With a lodge full of new friends, campfire songs, and the excitement of being out in nature … how could life possibly be better?  Read the Full Story
Salads: Enjoy a Rainbow of Flavors This Spring As spring gets into full swing in Southern Mississippi, you may be savoring the sights of the first boldly colored azaleas in bloom, the sounds of birds singing in the morning, and the scents of freshly mowed lawns all over your neighborhood. When it comes to the taste of spring, though, nothing beats a crisp, fresh salad that’s full of flavorful fruits or vegetables and topped with a favorite dressing.  Read the Full Story
Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles Sometimes, even spring brings us days where the weather is questionable, and being inside is preferable to being outside. On those days, you’ll be pulling your hair out for something to do that is fun, worthwhile, and doesn’t “break the bank.” Here’s such an activity.  Read the Full Story
First Date Jitters This weekend, I had the first date jitters. My heart raced a little. My hands shook. My nerves were on fire.  As the big day neared, I had made sure everything was perfect. Shoe heels: high enough to be attractive, but not high enough to attract the wrong glances. Dress: Just the right amount of sparkle … but not too much! Remember: there’s a fine, but very important line between “Frozen” snow queen and over-the-top drag queen. Makeup: just a touch, on the eyes only.  Read the Full Story
Find Family Adventure in an Escape Room! As a harried mother of three busy children aged 6, 12 and 14, I don’t get much time to watch television. There is one show, though, that I’ll record in order to watch later.  “The Middle” is a light-hearted sitcom about a dysfunctional family (the Hecks), living in the Midwest in the fictitious town of Orson, in “the middle of nowhere.” In a recent episode, the family of five uses a Groupon to get a discount at the local “Escape Orson” escape room attraction.  Read the Full Story

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