Thursday, December 08, 2016

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We're Looking to Honor the “Coolest Kids” on the Mississippi Gulf Coast! Are you the parent of a really cool kid? Does your child have a special talent or enjoy a unique hobby? Is your little one a great singer, dancer, soccer player, artist, or winner of science fairs? Does your child bake amazing cookies, overcome huge obstacles, or help others in acts of charity? If so, we want to hear about it! Read the Full Story
In Praise of Ugly Crafts Everybody has that one family member who makes the ugliest darn crafts. Mine was an elderly aunt we called Nannie. A childless “old maid” of modest means, she lived in a cinderblock government housing complex and didn’t own much, aside from a small TV with aluminum tied to the antenna and a weekly promise of a hot charity dinner from Meals-on-Wheels. Read the Full Story
Consignment Holiday Cash! The holidays are here. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra jingle in your jangle? Here’s a great way to turn what might seem to you to be trash into what could be another parent’s idea of treasure. With Christmas already here, padding your pockets with a bit of extra funds might be just the thing to consider during this time of year. Read the Full Story
November Lights and Gulfport Family Fun The winter holidays are one of the most fun and exciting times of the year, and the City of Gulfport will be hosting the family-friendly Gulfport Harbor Lights Winter Festival again this season. It happens through January 1. Read the Full Story
The Good Manners of Thank You: Push the Envelope Found in a grandmother’s Bible was a hand-addressed envelope. Nestled inside, on a folded sheet of notebook paper, a three-year-old had written: “Thank you, Nanny and Paw Paw. Love, Grace.” On the reverse side of the letter, a crayon drawing depicted a cat, flowers and two suns. It was a rare treasure. Read the Full Story
Gulf Coast Heritage Tours Aimed at the Differently-Abled You wake up to a beautiful morning, smell the fresh air and wonder what you are going to do today. You’d love to take off to the islands or the mountains while the kids are out of school during the holidays, but you don't have enough time ... or money. Here’s an idea: grab the kids, load up the car, head out on the open road and begin your adventure on The Gulf Coast Heritage Tour. “What's that?” you might ask. Read the Full Story

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