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Writer's Pay Scale

{jcomments off}Writer’s Fees:
Fees will be set with editor upon topic assignment .
Our standard reprint fee is $25 per article.
Base writer fee is $25 per article  + additional compensation based upon evaluation criteria.
Kill Fee is $25.
Columns are $25.

All articles submitted to us are submitted on speculation, and no agreement to publish is made prior to the editor reading and accepting the article.

Gulf Coast Parents & Kids Magazine recognizes that all articles are not created equally.  Some articles are simply longer than others; others require far more research.  The number of interviews and sources can also vary.  All of this is considered when setting an author’s fee.

Therefore, we reserve the right to pay different figures for different articles.  Fees will be set at the beginning of the project and will take into account:

Evaluation Criteria
Length of article – word count and side bars.
Number of local sources requested by the editor – please pay attention to this, as a submission which does not quote or refer to the requested number of local sources may not be accepted.
Research required – difficulty and time commitment.
Style and content of article – a first person article addressing a personal experience would be easier to write than a feature requiring interviews with three parents, a pediatrician and a teacher.
Author reputation – for those writers with whom we work well, we will increase the fee commensurate with the number of articles they have written and quality of those submissions.
Art or photographs provided with the article.
Completeness – presence of title, byline and author’s bio, as well as remittance address.
Source verification information – contact or reference information for fact-checking purposes.
Ease of use – articles more closely meeting editorial and style requirements and those requiring less editing will be compensated at a higher rate than articles requiring additional work to become ready for publication.

When an article is submitted and accepted, Parents & Kids acquires one time North American print and web rights to the article.  Web articles will appear in our virtual edition and on our website.  Authors retain their rights to the article upon publication and resubmissions to other publications are encouraged.

All articles submitted to us are submitted on speculation and no agreement to publish is made prior to the editor reading and accepting the article.

In no case has Gulf Coast Parents & Kids established any willingness to compensate a writer for an unsolicited manuscript until and unless is it accepted for publication.  Before embarking on a major article, please ensure you have discussed the topic and approach with the editor to ensure the article will meet editorial needs.

By submitting an article writers attest that the work presented is their own original work and that all rights being offered by the author actually rest with the author.  Furthermore, any sources, quotes, or references are accurate and correct and used with permission of the source.  When quoting from a relatively common source, e.g.,, please check with us if you are in doubt as to how to attribute that information.

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