Sunday, January 21, 2018

Tips for Caregivers to Help Prepare Kids for Kindergarten

Kindergarten can be a wonderful and exciting experience. However, for many working parents, preparing young children for school can be daunting, especially considering that the average US child spends 33 hours each week being looked after by a grandparent, friend or parent.

That is why nearly 40 YMCAs across the country have launched the FREE Early Learning Readiness Program for Informal Family, Friend and Neighbor Caregivers to provide those who care for young children a stimulating, preschool-like experience through learning centers that foster development, improve school readiness, support the skills and confidence of caregivers, and make the transition to school easier for children.

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Stay Healthy by Keeping Clean

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” applies to many aspects of life, but never more so than in medical care. The concept of infection being a cause of disease and preventable by washing is relatively new, starting in the mid-nineteenth century. Today it remains one of the easiest, cheapest, and most certain ways of preventing spread of disease.

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Sane Living in a Mad World

“Children waiting for the day they feel good

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday….

Went to school and I was very nervous,

no one knew me…looked right through me….

When people run in circles, it’s a very, very mad world.”

The song “Mad World” was originally recorded by ‘80s band Tear For Fears and later covered by Gary Jules. It was used in the movie “Donnie Darko,” now a cult classic (warning: not for kids). The song fits perfectly into the dark tale of a troubled teenager dealing with bizarre hallucinations that cause him to act out in ways that lead to his tragic destiny.

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Season Affective Disorder (SAD): The “Winter Blahs”

Most have heard of “SAD,” or “Seasonal affective Disorder.” Commonly known as the “winter blues” or “winter blahs,” SAD can cause depression in adults, primarily women. Experts say, however, that there is no reason to think children or teens are necessarily immune. Even in generally sunny places with mild weather--such as South Mississippi--a long bout with dreary days can cast an attitudinal pallor over even the most spirited young person.

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Family “Tech Sanity” in a Digital Age

You hear it all the time: “My kids are lost without their cell phones, their computers, their laptops. I want them to do well, and I’m concerned about quality time, about what they are learning and about what they are not learning.”

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