Thursday, January 18, 2018

Warm, Fuzzy Memories: A Stitch in Time

I’ve been a knitter since I was a kid; it was something my mom taught me how to do. Later in life, we once again started knitting together, for the charity Knit One Save One, or to make chemo hats for local hospitals. It was such a fun time, and one of my favorite memories of our time shared together.

These days, I sit on the couch knitting my hats and scarves with hope of sharing that special memory with my own kids. Unfortunately, I have boys, and knitting is not seen in my household as something “manly.” My youngest walked into the room one day, looking to make sure his big brother wasn’t around before asking me an important question.

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True Confessions of a Former “PP”

“Loving a child doesn't mean giving in to all his whims; to love him is to bring out the best in him, to teach him to love what is difficult.” --Nadia Boulanger


This quote could be a tall order in the “permissive parent” age. I call this type of parent a “PP” for short. They’re the ones who jump through giant child-crafted hoops to keep the peace. Or to stop the screaming. You might have heard the protestations of the “I wants” thwarted in a WalMart, or in any store for that matter; sometimes it seems it’s so loud, everyone in the entire store can hear. Until the PP gives in.

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The Facts About Mean, Mean Nicotine

Terrance the Rat, from Mississippi’s RAT (Reject All Tobacco) program, teaches kids that the “mean, mean nicotine” in cigarettes and smokeless tobacco is an addictive drug. Some studies have found that nicotine is as addictive as cocaine and heroin.

People are often surprised to learn that nicotine is a poison, too. For many years, farmers used nicotine-based insecticides to kill crop pests until these products were taken off the market. Of course, nicotine can be harmful for people, too. Just one cigarette, dip or chew has enough nicotine to cause young children and small animals to get sick.

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Soccer for Everyone: Mississippi Coast Special Needs TOP Soccer

Miya Audo was born into a team of premature triplets, but has been playing on another kind of team since she was three years old: special needs soccer. While her siblings play regular soccer, it is the Mississippi Coast Special Needs TOP Soccer program that provides the means for Miya to exhibit her own skills on the field.

Miya’s mom, Kimberly Audo, loves what her daughter gets from special needs soccer.

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Family-Friendly Crowdfunding

Are you familiar with how “crowdfunding” works? Well, if not, it goes a little like this:

Let’s say your child has qualified to compete in a huge out-of-state sports competition, but you need to make the long drive from South Mississippi to, say, Orlando, to participate. Money is tight. After all, Christmas just passed, and you can’t afford the gas expense much less the hotel room.

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