Sunday, January 21, 2018

When Mother Nature Isn’t So Kind

Summer brings out the gardeners, producing delicious fresh-picked vegetables. Even a few pots placed on a small patio here in South Mississippi will grow beans, peppers and tomatoes. Indoor and outdoor plants lend color and harmony to our yards and homes, purifying the air and adding natural beauty.

However, when babies or pets are tempted to take a taste of the wrong plant, potential danger looms.

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Reading Has Gone to the Dogs in Gulfport

Are you still looking for something to occupy your child this summer? Have you exhausted every resource, every idea, been to every camp, gone swimming in every pool, walked every beach? Well, if you little one enjoys hanging out with animals, consider something completely new: the Humane Society of South Mississippi’s first ever summer reading program.

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Kid Craft: Birthday Party Glo-Lights

This month's activity is one that parents and kids can prepare together for a birthday slumber party. This craft definitely has to be prepared in advance, but only a day or two in advance is fine.

I first saw this idea on one of the web sites that I follow, "A Pumpkin and a Princess.” I have modified the activity for our use, particularly by including plastic jars, since this activity is designed for younger children as well as older ones.

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Letter From The Editor: June 2016


Children’s birthday parties. We love them … and we hate them. They come with equal portions of headache and joy. Celebrating this big day takes a lot of work and, often, expense, but the potential for a memory-making payoff is huge. Most kids never, ever forget these special days.

This month, our birthday issue might help give you a few ideas for celebrating. Whether your child’s big day happens this summer or at some other time of the year, it’s never too early to start considering options and tossing around ideas.

We hope you are enjoying this fun season of swimming, beach-going, and family vacations.

We at Parents & Kids all hope you have a great summer!


Kara Bachman

Managing Editor

The Family Forum: On the Road, Then and Now

We recently took a ten hour road trip to Branson, Missouri. My husband and I had a great time during the long ride. My tween-aged son? Not so much.

Now, I’m not talking about taking a trip with an infant or toddler; that’s another monster completely. This recent experience, though, made me recall car trips I took back when I was his age, and notice the huge difference in how things used to be.

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