Sunday, January 21, 2018

Paddling to Paradise

It is first light on the river as the new day breaks in the east; whistling ducks fly overhead, welcoming the new day. As birds and wildlife of many species head out to forage for food, the soft splash of paddles are heard pushing lithe kayaks silently along a scenic waterway.

This is a family outing including Dad and Tom (age 11), each with his own single kayak, and Mom and Penny (age 6) alongside, paddling their tandem (two-person) kayak. They enjoy the beautiful day while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Mom's Thoughts on the First Day of School

It's here! The day that has been circled and highlighted on the calendar is finally here: the first day of school.

Getting a child dressed, out of the house and into the classroom is no easy task after the lazy days of summer. Add the emotional rollercoaster that suddenly hits you, and you're in for one intense morning.

Here are some thoughts I have on the first day of school. Can you relate?

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Fight the Afternoon Blahs: Keep ‘Em Busy!

Kids often need stimulation and engagement during the afternoon hours. Here are three ideas you may want to consider in deciding how to keep your kiddos active and engaged once the school day ends.

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Hurricane Season: Is Your Family Ready?

When Hurricane Katrina swept ashore in 2005 and flooded my house in Hancock County, I couldn’t help but think we could have somehow been better prepared.

Hindsight is 20/20, but there ARE things that can be done to best assure the safety of family, pets, and often, special belongings. With storm season upon us yet again, it’s time to hear what a few experts in Mississippi have to say about prepping for all possibilities.

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Dance, Dance, Dance!

Take a person of any age, turn on some music, then stand back and watch the show! Knees bend, bodies sway, arms wave, itty-bitty babies dance on their bunny-covered bed sheets. And of course, you’ve maybe even seen the most reluctant curmudgeon, bopping to the music while wandering down the pickle aisle at the grocery store.

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