Sunday, January 21, 2018

Veggie Buffet!

Since in many families it is often a problem to get children to try new fruits and vegetables, the activity below will try to address that issue.

I want to start by telling a story. When I was teaching in a multi-grade class, I had the opportunity to do a month of “food” classes. Due to various limitations, we could do very little in the way of actual cooking, so I had to be creative.

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Playtime in the Spotlight

Across the Mississippi Gulf Coast -- heck, across the world, actually -- children learn creativity, teamwork, and life lessons through play. One form of play is obviously sports, but play comes in all shapes and forms.

For Gulf Coast resident Shelley Mooar, her daughter’s playtime is spent onstage, shining in the spotlight.

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Sports Injuries: Oww…Is It Broken?

Sports and playtime offer many advantages to children. Activity raises endorphins (hormones that create happiness), cardiovascular effects keep a child thinner and healthier, and the social benefits of interacting with other children teach companionship and self-worth.

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Playtime for Moms and Sons

Often, dads are the ones who get to enjoy spending times with their sons. It might be on the ball field or on the basketball court, or catching a “dude flick” together. As part of this month’s focus on healthy play, however, we suggest moms consider an elegant “Moms and Sons” adventure.

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Letter From the Editor: September 2016


We play to be healthy, happy, and to feel joy. Play takes many forms for our children. It can come through organized sports, or fooling around with toys, or from a special hobby. It can be found in something as simple as a game of kick-the-can. This issue of our magazine celebrates the importance of play.

This month, we tell you about a doll-maker who is encouraging self-esteem through play by giving girls toys that accurately reflect who they are. Our medical contributor will address the dark side of play: broken bones. OUCH! Writer Sherryl LaPointe will also give you full permission to do something we usually caution kids against: playing with food.

We’ve all heard the proverb: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” As the new school year is now underway, it’s important to still make a little time for the goofing off that allows kids to let loose and get bodies and imaginations moving.


Kara Bachman

Managing Editor

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