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Letter From The Editor: October 2016


It’s that time of year again! Ghosts, goblins and cute fairy princess roam freely, inspired fall time arts and crafts are all the rage, and warm, savory comfort foods -- such as gumbos, pumpkin soups, and oven roasted root veggies -- are returning to tables. It’s a time when families in South Mississippi truly come alive to enjoy the spirit of autumn.

This month, we suggest ideas for enjoying the season creatively. When not taking in the cooler temperatures at a corn maze or walking along the increasingly windswept beaches, spend time learning new skills as a family. Whether it’s cooking, sewing or carving the perfect pumpkin, October can be a great time for introducing new things to the wee ones among us.

Although the true crunch of fall leaves is often a few weeks later in Mississippi than it is everywhere else, enjoy the excitement that comes with knowing the change has already begun, and so much fun lies just around the corner!


Kara Bachman

Managing Editor

Inspire Your Kids to Enjoy Veggies This Fall

The start of autumn in Southern Mississippi may inspire thoughts of breathing in the crisp air, wearing knit sweaters in cool weather, and warm-colored leaves falling from deciduous trees. It can cause one to daydream of beachside bonfires and orange-hued sunsets. However, perhaps the most distinctive and beloved part of fall for many families are the tastes they get to experience this time of year. Seasonal foods are much more than candy corn and apple pies.

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Gulfport Teacher a Finalist for Prestigious National Honor

It is a great mark of distinction that Angela August, a teacher at 28th Street Elementary School in Gulfport, has been selected as a finalist for the highest honor in our land for teachers of science and mathematics: The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST).

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Handmade Halloween

Children know love when they see it. It is expressed in many ways, not the least of which is the time, care and laughter spent when parents make something by hand for their children. When that happens, all eyes, ears and hearts are opened, and important side-lessons are unwittingly learned by example.

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The Family Forum: The Ghost of Halloweens Past

Who is up for a good old fashioned Halloween this year? I know I am. I’m ready to take the commercialization out of my favorite holiday.

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