Sunday, January 21, 2018

Words of Thanks, From the Mouths of Babes

Parents aren’t the only ones gathering around the table this Thanksgiving to count their blessings; our children are also counting their blessings. They are sharing their gratitude the only way children know how: with honesty, enthusiasm and very specific words.

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Letter From the Editor: November 2016


Ahhh … the joys of the holidays! We get to eat pumpkin pie, begin buying gifts, and …

… fight like heck with the in-laws??

Every year during the holiday season, my fellow moms and dads tell tales of woe surrounding family get-togethers. These tales always seem to involve friction with in-laws and other extended family members. This month, contributor Richelle Putnam speaks to an authority who will teach us how to turn the extended family battlefield into a place of peace and tranquility for all.

This month, we also aim our focus on the idea of feeling--and expressing--gratitude. Writer Ashley Karcher shares some sweet sentiments of thankfulness from kids that will makes you think: “Kids say the darndest things!”

We hope that during this time of thanksgiving and togetherness, you find peace, warmth and delicious food waiting on the table!


Kara Bachman

Managing Editor

Is Foster Care or CASA Volunteering Right for Your Family?

Childhood should be a time of nurturing and love, when the youngster grows with confidence and trust in a safe and familiar environment. Sadly, circumstances can thwart these goals, such as when the child’s parents are not available due to legal or health reasons. Sometimes, a financial disaster can leave needy children homeless and forsaken. These children need someone with a loving heart to provide a home, to provide a temporary safe and loving place as foster parents, or to stand up for them as a CASA legal advocate.

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Kid Craft: Orange Pomander

Orange pomander is something we used to make when I was a child, sometimes with apples, but usually with oranges. They always seem “Thanksgiving-y” to me.

Originally, these were made to be air fresheners and could be hung in rooms or closets; you take your choice. The oranges really smell better (I think) and last longer, but are more difficult to make. After reading the directions, decide which you prefer, or try both.

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The Family Forum: Planting a Seed

I recently accepted a job as creative director for a line of children’s books for an up and coming publisher in Arizona. It’s a dream job that allows me to work with authors and illustrators to develop fun and educational children’s books. I had to write a short bio about myself for the publisher’s website, and it got me thinking about what kind of books I was looking to develop for the company.

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