Thursday, January 18, 2018

Midlife Parenting: Finding the Funny in Everyday Life

The humorous essays in the new book by Kara Martinez Bachman, “Kissing the Crisis,” take on middle age with a distinctly up-for-anything attitude. But balancing the desires to live life to the fullest with the mundane realities of parenting and career is a challenge for anyone.

I caught up with Bachman via e-mail to get her spin on parenting while writing a book, living life with humor, and keeping it all together (mostly).

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The REAL Hunger Games

I don't know about you, but there are three times of the day that give me more problems than the other 21 hours of the day: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I don't know why, but my previously easygoing "eat everything with no complaint" children now have newfound opinions about meals; the weirder the food combinations, the better. They let me know very quickly if they think what I made stinks.

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Kid Craft: No-Snow Craft

Here in South Mississippi, we are not likely to have snow, although most of the rest of the country will have some at some time during this month.

Children will be making snowmen, snow forts and other snow sculptures. While our children can’t do it in snow, they can do it in salt clay and have the modeling fun that their counterparts from northern areas have. These won’t be as large, but they will last much longer and won’t melt! Also, since there are very few holidays for which we decorate in January, this is a chance to decorate with a snow theme.

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Letter From The Editor: January 2017


With a new year here, most of us are focused on making resolutions and becoming better at our most important job: parenting. We also love it when our children take up the challenge of becoming better students, better members of the family, and better citizens of the extended Gulf Coast community.

This month, columnist Melissa Carrigee will make a great suggestion for 2017: instead of forcing children to make resolutions, consider suggesting they “try something new.” Your child might come to find, as Melissa’s children did, that he or she has accidentally found a brand new passion!

In this time of new beginnings, we wish you all the very best in shaping a better future for yourselves and your children.

Here’s to a great 2017!


Kara Bachman

Managing Editor

The Family Forum: Try It, You Might Like It

The new year usually means it’s time for resolutions and starting anew. I have always made resolutions, and have pressed my family to make them along with me.

Nobody ever wanted to make them. So, for the past few years, instead of asking my boys to make a resolution, I ask them to try one new thing that year.

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