Sunday, January 21, 2018

Women’s Health: Ovarian Concerns

A woman’s ovaries have two functions: supplying the eggs that can turn into babies, and producing the female hormones that make a woman feminine. For most women, these internal organs rarely cause pain or problems.

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Stained Glass Valentine’s Day Cookies

This month, we may still be “stuck” inside a lot of the time, but you can have fun baking with this indoor family activity. Be sure to have everything organized, and this will be fun for the whole family. Incidentally, this can be changed up for almost any holiday, just by changing the shape of the cookie cutters and the color of the candies.

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Letter From The Editor: February 2017


During February, we at Parents & Kids like to focus a little on health and fitness, with particular concern for the health of women. Part of being healthy is being educated about our bodies, exercising with our families, and adopting healthy habits.

A big part of being healthy, though -- especially when it comes to the fitness of our hearts -- is giving ourselves room (and time) to relax, unwind, enjoy fun with our families and wider communities, and perhaps have some type of spiritual life. For one mom, keeping that heart strong may involve prayer. For another, it may involve working up a sweat in the gym. For yet another, it may be as simple as giggling while baking cookies with the kids..

This month, as we celebrate Mardi Gras, Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, let’s not forget to also celebrate the simple joys of caring for ourselves and others.


Kara Bachman

Managing Editor

Parents: Enjoy Gulf Coast Romance for Valentine’s Day

Last month, Parents and Kids-Gulf Coast featured an article on babysitters, asking parents their experiences with their caregivers, and offering advice to other parents searching for a sitter. We hope this information can be helpful for this month, because it’s time for Valentine’s Day!

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Is My Child Too Young To Lift Weights?

Regular exercise is a healthy habit to develop at any age, and strength training is an important part of physical fitness. Strength training uses free weights, exercise machines, elastic bands and the body’s own resistance.

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